SPN Perdition Overshirt (unisex)

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It was 2008 when an Angel of Lord said, "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition," and thus Castiel entered the hearts of Supernatural fans around the world. 

This overshirt is an ode to that and other moments from the show. It was selected based on Dean's Season 15 overshirt and embroidered (in-house) with Castiel's handprint.  

The shirt: 65% cotton, 35% poly twill, button closure, two faux/decorative button pockets, two lower pockets. 

**Please double-check your measurements with the provided chart. The measurements are done straight across, not around. I have converted CM to Inches to make it easier**. As we all know, clothing sizes can vary wildly, so I have provided measurements in the photos with the sizes. Please check your measurements. This overshirt is not meant (style-wise) to be buttoned up. If you watch Supernatural, Dean usually has a t-shirt, flannel, and jacket or overshirt, so this is like that. 

Model is wearing a medium and is 5'4"